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SA Milk Plant - Maintenance Technician



San Antonio, TX, USA
Posted on Saturday, June 1, 2024
As a Maintenance Partner, you'll function in a team environment, reporting to the Maintenance Team Leader with direct responsibilities to the Production Team Leader and Team. You'll provide technical support to ensure a safe environment, producing safe, high-quality product, in a timely manner, at the best cost possible.

Once you're eligible, you'll become an Owner in the company, so we're looking for commitment, hard work, and focus on quality and Customer service. 'Partner-owned' means our most important resources--People--drive the innovation, growth, and success that make H-E-B The Greatest Omnichannel Retailing Company.

What is the work?

  • Maintains manufacturing processes and equipment in optimum condition; integrates several process techniques focused on achieving high levels of overall process effectiveness (TPO)
  • Applies fundamental understanding of team in development and active participation in a team environment through Division and Plant team orientation, and safety and quality training
  • Operates firefighting equipment (BUILDING SYSTEMS), meters and test equipment (ELECTRICAL), computers / desktop programs and related tools (ELECTRONICS), shop equipment (MECHANICAL), including grinders, saws, threaders; adjusts set points and machine controls (ELECTRONICS); shop equipment

Repair & Replacement:

  • BUILDING SYSTEMS Regenerates PM / clean condenser units for chill water, glycol, holding freezer, and production cooling units; drains / changes oil filters on screw air compressor; replaces lamps; repairs wall and floor surface cracks
  • ELECTRICAL Installs conduits
  • ELECTRONICS Changes parts
  • HYDRAULIC Replaces cylinders, valves, and pumps; rebuilds spare hydraulic cylinder; sets correct pressures on hydraulic system (for pie press)
  • MECHANICS Replaces various shafts and bearings, filters, belts, chains, sprockets, and sheaves (using instruction manuals and parts lists)
  • PNEUMATIC Replaces air cylinders, valves, and pumps
  • WELDING Prepares surface; performs basic welding functions; may fill out OSHA-required Hot Work permit


  • ELECTRICAL for adherence to OSHA
  • HYDRAULIC Monitors system pressures; compares to standards
  • MECHANICS Monitors various system temperatures and pressures
  • PNEUMATIC Monitors system pressures; compares to standards; writes up repair / rebuild order
  • REFRIGERATION / HVAC Monitors system pressures and temperatures; compares to standards; inspects systems for leaks; monitors fluid levels including glycol levels proper ratios

Safety / Compliance:

  • Applies training and team skills to all safety-related areas (e.g., hazardous communication, lock-out / tag-out, fire prevention, confined spaces, hearing conservation, PPE, emergency action plan, drug-free workplace, powered MHE, blood-borne pathogens, storm water)
  • BUILDING SYSTEMS Appropriately uses PM firefighting equipment, MSA, gas mask and proper canister
  • ELECTRICAL Applies proper lock-out / tag-out on all electrical equipment


  • MECHANICS Identifies problems with gearboxes, pumps, valves, and other basic components in the system

What is your background?

  • High school diploma
  • 2+ years of experience in maintenance
  • Experience in electrical / mechanical / equipment (for building & process) repair

Do you have what it takes to be a fit as a Mfg Maintenance Partner at H-E-B?

  • Ability to read, understand, and apply basic electrical and mechanical schematics, concepts, and principles

Specific to assigned functional area


  • Understanding of building systems, including plumbing, electrical, lighting, foundation, plant air / cooling systems
  • Ability to identify entire sanitary drain system throughout the plan and locate the grease trap(s)
  • Ability to identify water distribution system and its individual components


  • Knowledge of locations and operations of power isolation devices in branch circuits
  • Knowledge of how to replace fuses, lamps, breakers, and switches
  • Knowledge of installing conduit
  • Understanding of basic AC / DC theory, including single and three phases
  • Understanding of basic wiring and electrical theory


  • Understanding of computers
  • Ability to work in desktop programs (MP2, e-mail, Word, and Excel spreadsheets)
  • Ability to change out electronic parts
  • Ability to demonstrate proper use of tools


  • Knowledge of how to replace cylinders, valves, and pumps
  • Knowledge of how to rebuild hydraulic cylinders
  • Knowledge of how to correct pressures


  • Knowledge of how to operate shop equipment (grinders, drills, saws, threaders, etc.)
  • Knowledge of how to replace various shafts and bearings, filters, belts, chains, sprockets, and sheaves (using instruction manuals and parts lists)
  • Ability to identify problems with gearboxes, pumps, valves, and other basic system components


  • Knowledge of how to replace air cylinders, valves, and pumps


  • Knowledge of how to PM and clean condenser and evaporator units
  • Understanding of refrigeration theory
  • Understanding of proper ratios (glycol levels)
  • Ability to describe all emergency HAZMAT equipment, its use, and location


  • Understanding of why acetylene bottles should never be used laying down

Can you...

  • Travel by car or plane with overnight stays
  • Regularly lift up to 20 lbs
  • Occasionally lift 20 lbs or more
  • Work extended hours
  • Work rotating schedules
  • Maneuver through the facility and perform functions of the job, with or without accommodation (standing, stooping, bending, etc.)
  • Work in wet, cold, or hot environments, depending on Plant location, where temperatures are:
  • Snacks: temperature-controlled environment ranging from 80-100 degrees F
  • Floral: temperature-controlled environment ranging from 32-42 degrees F
  • Meat: routinely 30-45 degrees F in a cold and wet environment, occasionally (-)20 or 85 degrees F in certain areas
  • Milk: routinely 60-80 degrees F in a wet environment, occasionally 38 degrees F in certain areas, 110 degrees in others
  • Ice Cream: (-)40 to 80 degrees F, certain areas in a wet environment
  • Bakery: 80-100 degrees F
  • Tortilla: 80-100 degrees F